From Mental Torture to Mental Freedom

How can I walk out on stage in front of thousands of people and deliver talks and training (and even a TED talk), when only a few years ago I suffered from crippling OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

A mere five years ago, I believed that if I didn’t touch certain objects in a certain way before I left any room, my entire family would die! I had a nervous squint, which was rather embarrassing, but in both these cases, I was being fooled by my own thinking. Nothing else, just my thinking.

How do I know? Well, now we are many years on and there are thousands of times when I haven’t gone through the same routine, and my family are all still alive and well.

I've been blessed and fortunate enough to be shown how the human operating system actually works and it's because of this knowledge that I can operate at peak performance at all times now, instead of suffering from my thinking.

In all areas of my life I am able to connect to a vast and infinite supply of wisdom and insight instead of getting bogged down by my own personal, ego thinking. It allows me to flow through life, instead of fighting against it.

I can show you how the system works and get you operating at your peak in everything you do. Just go to my training programs and pick the level that is right for you and we'll get started with giving you the freedom from your thinking and access to unlimited insight that you deserve.

My life certainly changed in 2011, when I began how to understand I had been doing it to myself for so long and thinking there was something wrong with me in the process. I'd even been told this by doctors, so it must be true.

But this is where so much damage is done to so many people who could be living healthy and productive lives instead of being trapped by their own thinking. I simply had no idea how the system worked, so I was a slave to it.

After my epiphany, I decided that it would be my life's purpose and gift to share what I had come to see for myself with others and as a result, I have helped thousands of business owners wake up to their own potential.

For the past five years, I have been working as a business coach and for the past three, as the mindset coach for the Entrepreneurs Circle (correct, no apostrophe). I've also written books about Mindset.

Do Nothing! has been critically acclaimed and points to the thinking process behind successful behaviour.

I have also appeared many times on the BBC talking about thought, and have been lucky enough to talk at TEDx Squaremile about living a life on purpose (see links page).

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