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"You have the most powerful force in the Universe at your disposal... Let me show you how to access it"

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  • Experienced TEDx Keynote speaker
  • Provides workshops, pre-event dinners and Q&As as part of the package
  • Shared the stage with the likes of Michael E. Gerber, Debra Searle, Steve Wozniak and more
  • One of only a handful of keynote speakers sharing the Inside-Out Single Paradigm (Three Principles)
  • Creates content specifically for your audience
  • Always sends agreed materials 48 hours prior to your event
  • Book signings come as part of the package
  • Reliable and flexible

"Amazing! I feel everyone needs to hear that talk from him... Two words: Bloody Brilliant!!"

Michael Little, Director, Loinim Media

New Book out soon: The World Peace Equation

A Simple Formula to Save Humanity

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Damian Mark Smyth, Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker and Mindset Expert. 

Father to four wonderful children and Managing Director of a business which rebuilds people’s lives (Rethink Global Ltd) and gives them a good, positive 'kick up the mindset'!


Through an understanding of the Three Principles, Damian helps Entrepreneurs and Businesses tap into their own 'Unlimited Potential' by removing the biggest obstacle in the way... their own self-sabotaging thinking.

The Three Principles are being shared across the Globe with Fortune 500 companies, in the schools and prison systems and even with the US Military.

An understanding of them leads to less stress and anxious thinking, higher performance across all areas of the business, better communication and relationships and a greater sense of well-being.

As one of the only Global keynote speakers in this subject area (see Michael Neill TEDx talk here), Damian is passionate, humble, hard-working and loving and takes his clear and simple message out into the world, sharing his own story of overcoming incredible challenges through an understanding of the human operating system.

Damian is a natural organiser who is able to gather groups together and inspire them to take action. He teaches how to break free from the constraints of personal thinking and tap into the infinite potential on offer, to fulfil their own purpose and make a dent on the Universe.

"Definitely get booked on for this... it will blow your mind!"

Marc Sargeant, Director, MPS Electrical

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