The Three Principles in Business

If you already know what the Three Principles are, you may well be reading this to find out how to apply your understanding to/in business. If you’ve never heard of the Principles before though, here is a brief summary: At the most basic level, they are a description of how every human being on this […]

What has to change to make the change?

It’s World Mental Health Day and the stigma of a widespread and growing issue in the work environment still requires attention to bring such a huge drain on business to the fore. It wasn’t that long ago when the first adverts around mental health in business were aired, and the response was overwhelming. Many people […]

Surfing the Breaking Point

Fear blaring, negative, scaring thoughts… Of what others think of my own mental trauma. Bit by bit, poking into my living room, With only a tablet to block me out. ———————————————— Safe from afar, you couldn’t take me with you – even if you wanted to… Not yet… ———————————————— Thought bears down through cartoon roars, […]