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Perhaps you've been thinking about writing a book or perhaps you've already started one. Perhaps your 'unfinished manuscript' has been sitting on a hard-drive somewhere waiting for the right time to complete itself(!).

Well, now's the time to get it out, dust it off and complete it... by November 2nd, 2017!

“Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside us”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The fastest and most effective way to get your message out into the world is to write a book about it. And yet, how many books have remained in the heads of the would-be writer, to never see the light of day?

How many millions of books (some of which were best-sellers and World changers) have never been read because they stayed as a 'good idea'... Never to be enjoyed, shared or loved?


“The key to writing a book is to ‘Just Write!’ Writing is one thing that you cannot get worse at by doing it.”

Brian Tracey

My book writing course is one of the most successful and productive courses I have ever run at the Entrepreneurs Circle (correct, no apostrophe).

Although it was only a one-day course, I always made sure the Authors were supported to continue on their quest to write and release their books... which is where the idea for this course came from.

Well now I'm revving it up and making this course a 90 day spectacular with daily (yes, daily!) accountability, weekly training webinars, regular weekly conference call check-ins for the Authors, a Private Facebook Group to help each other on your writer's journey, special guest interviews, and exclusive opportunities to further your writing career with speaker agency and publishing company joint ventures!

In fact, we're all set up to get that book of yours into your very own hands by November 2nd, 2017!


"I had always wanted to write a book and for years had some words on my PC just sitting there. The bit that always stumped me was not the writing but the fear of the process - once you had the words, then what did you do? This led to complete inaction, some half decent blogs and a word file but no book. Damian's course opened with 'what's holding you back?' and I remember his response to my fear of the process...'don't worry about that, that's the easy bit'! So, with a clear deadline, I began turning a few musings into a first draft against the peer pressure of our group. My book was delivered directly to the session by the postman - I had not even seen it, but heh, I had a book! It was then time for an edit, some moments of 'wow, is this really happening, I have written a book' and finally a launch on February 16 via Amazon. The book now sells internationally, regularly rates as 5 stars on Amazon and is stocked in university libraries. It's been reviewed by the Institute of Leadership and Management with 5* and I've been featured in People Management Magazine. None of this would have happened without Damian. Thank you so much...!" - Sue Willcock

Why might you want to write a book?

  • To set yourself up as an authority/expert
  • To share an idea or just tell a story
  • As a business card
  • To help you in your career
  • To become a speaker
  • Heaven forbid... to make some money (it is possible, and I'll show you how)
  • To feel alive
  • To make a dent on the Universe
  • To change the World for the better
  • To leave a legacy

“For better or for worse, people judge you on whether or not you have a book out.”

James Altucher

Just some of the amazing books which have been created on this course


Imagine how it's going to feel to launch your book in November!


Just like Mark Chase here at his book launch... and yes, that is Jeff Beck in the pictures but that's a whole other story!


“A great idea means diddly-squat without execution... so stop talking about it and JFDI!”

Damian Mark Smyth

Why this date?

OK, OK... I like it so far... but what's with this November 2nd stuff?

You need a deadline to get your book completed. So why not this one? It's over three months away, so it's absolutely doable.

There's going to be a big group of us on November 2nd with books in our hands meeting up for the next stage at our publishers in Northampton.

Imagine how good that is going to feel to have completed your book and being able to position yourself as an Authority in your niche.

Plus, you never know where it might lead...

"I just wanted to be a writer..."

JK Rowling

This is what you're going to get on the course:


"Damian’s book writing course was a revelation because it introduced me to several dimensions of the publishing industry with which I was unaware and that I intend to explore further. If you are hoping at last to get published, this is the course for you, because you’ll learn everything you need to know—“get-it-done” discipline and daily motivations; building a following; marketing your work; all you’ll need to know about print, digital and audiobook options; a private author Facebook group to share challenges and victories; and more. Damian’s track record for mentoring authors to success is well established, the price is right, the time is now, and you’ll be thanking him and yourself for finally following your dream to become a published author!"

John Countryman

This course is a roadmap for writing, creating and marketing your book. This course will show you how to write and sell more books. It’s full of the latest strategies and tips for writing and marketing your book, building your author platform, and creating long-term success as an author. But simply taking part in this course in no way guarantees your success as an Author. Learning one strategy and applying it will be far more valuable to you than learning all the strategies and not taking any action. Remember that action alone creates results and change in your life. Learning, motivation and inspiration are great but without action, your life will not change.