Have you ever walked along the Champs Elysee in May and watched the cherry blossoms drifting into the Paris sunshine? It’s a sight to behold. Unless of course,

Unless of course, you are head down on your iPhone sorting out some important ‘stuff’. What about a trip to the Eiffel Tower to take in the scenic view and the cafe aroma from down below? Pretty difficult if you’re typing that email to a supplier.

You see, it doesn’t matter how beautiful something is if no one is looking at it. Beauty, like change, is in the eyes and minds of the beholders.

I, along with many of my colleagues who teach the Three Principles or inside out understanding – don’t really regard ourselves as ‘teachers’ per se, more like tour guides. We show you what is possible when you see how your thinking actually works, but we can’t ‘make you’ see it.

Life can’t actually ‘make you’ think about it. Paris in the springtime can’t ‘make you’ enjoy its beauty. But we, as the guides, can certainly help you appreciate it.

Guides who engage and communicate with their tourists are probably going to get more interaction than the ones who just show you the sights. Which is why I get my clients to share what they know to gain a deeper grounding in what they see for themselves. Just like asking the tourists to share how they feel about Paris as they go around.

As Syd Banks said “Never try to give away what you’re not. Just be you. And if you’re you, you’ll be a very powerful influence on whoever is listening”. If you want something in your life to change then, it’s going to have to come from you, but I can guide you in the right direction.

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I also have three new time zones starting soon for my Sharing the Principles course!

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