Get the Entrepreneur Mindset in your Team


Problem Solving Consultancy from an Award-Winning; Marketer, TEDx Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Business Mentor, Mindset and Sales Expert with a reputation for getting outstanding results from his clients


Some examples of some of the Entrepreneur Mindset Problem Solving Workshops being done right now with my other clients:

Goal Setting & Proper Business Planning 

  • Let's start in the future: where is the business heading and why?
  • When does goal setting work and when does it fail?
  • Why well thought through planning is essential
  • Start with Why: Who wants what and why - meet your drivers of current behaviours
  • Swipe and Deploy: Who's doing it well and why?
  • Know your numbers
  • Structuring your week for maximum effectiveness
  • Bespoke time management tips and tricks based on what works for you

Lead generation and Marketing 

  • Understanding your clients (and how to get inside their heads)
  • Who is your 'starving customer?'
  • The power of conversations and why stories really matter
  • Digital Marketing v Traditional Marketing
  • Choosing what works in each and how to maximise their effectiveness
  • Converting Enquiries & Effective Sales

Implementation / Focusing on the important things

  • Why the right systems matter
  • Understanding effective implementation (or being busy v being productive)
  • How to maintain focus on doing the right things
  • How to avoid procrastination (or embrace it)
  • Amplifying what works by using social media effectively

Mind set

  • Where our choices really come from
  • Clarity of thought and why it matters
  • Know when persistence is required - or when to pivot
  • Effective habits - how to identify and maintain them
  • Overcoming fear by understanding it
  • Harnessing limiting beliefs
  • Dealing with overwhelm, stress and worry

Creating the right culture

  • Why values are the key to your culture
  • Taking response-ability in your business
  • Accountability: who needs it, when and why?
  • Effective leadership (from the inside out) - how the best do it really well
  • You can't do it alone: how to make sure you get the 'right' help (staffing and recruitment workshop)
  • Dealing with problems, obstacles and conflict efficiently and effectively


This price includes a three-day problem-solving workshop for you and your team (sales, leadership, decision-making, peak performance), pre-course intakes and post-course feedback.


You could also claim back for the training (fixing problems or improving processes are allowable expenses in the Government’s R&D Tax Credit Scheme) - e.g.: spend £10,000 on Research & Development and you could claim deductible costs of £22,500, reducing your corporation tax bill by £4,500. If the company is loss-making, you could be paid up to £3,262.

Ashford Partners Accountants

As an award-winning marketer who has worked for some of the top agencies in the country (Saatchi & Saatchi), written a best-selling book about how to succeed as an Entrepreneur, and how to live a better life by understanding your Mindset, and as a successful Business Growth Expert for the Entrepreneurs Circle, I would be able to bring huge value to your organisation by helping you and your team maximise your current resources.


As a Business Growth expert for the UK’s largest and most successful support network for Entrepreneurs in the UK, I've written and delivered some of the most highly acclaimed and life-changing workshops at the National Support Centre in Birmingham which I now deliver to SMEs and Corporate Clients Globally


As a best-selling Author and expert on mindset, you can have a ‘head-doctor’ available in your business to guide you or your staff, dealing with procrastination or overwhelm, dealing with stress and making better decisions... to motivate you and your sales team and to help you achieve so much more by getting more done with less time and less effort.

If you want to be one of my Consulting Clients, fill in the form below so we can arrange a call to discuss your requirements and how I can help you grow your business.

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