How much does it cost to ‘learn’ the Three Principles?

Between £0 and £Thousands per hour/day.

Seriously - this is the cost. OK, so this statement will need a little explanation, so here goes.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Syd Banks did not wake up one day in 1973 and ask to be enlightened ( Nor did he come up with the idea of the Three Principles on that first day - the ‘way’ to pass on his experience to others, came later.

Now, I’ve been in training sessions where someone with zero experience of the insight-out nature of reality, the Three Principles, Innate Health/Wellness, Clarity, or any of the other myriad of ways of describing the thing we’re pointing to here with the words we have, has been able to explain back to me within minutes the nature of the Principles, better than I explained in to them!

There’s a simple reason for this - they already knew it.

Syd said that we ALL know this, therefore we’re just being reminded of something which is true within us.

Of course, the next question is: why the hell should anyone pay for something which they already have? The answer is simple: they may not realise it (yet). Or as Syd said: “Our job is to tap people on the shoulder and wake them up”.

So then how much should you pay to be reminded of something which is already true within you? That depends. For me, it was thousands. For some (like Syd), it was nothing.

As a rule of thumb, in business, if you charge nothing, it’s stating that what you know is worthless (also called meeting them where they are).

Syd didn’t charge anything when he started out and attracted some pretty high profile people as a result of giving his wisdom away. But coaches have to pay bills, so you will find Three Principles practitioners and trainers out there charging money to share this.

However, many, like me, also give away some of their time for free as well as charge.

When you understand that everything you need is already within you, it’s hard to want to live in a bigger house and drive a faster car (ie charge more than necessary). Seeing someone in mental torment have a realisation that their freedom lies within their own mind is exhilarating enough in my book.

So let’s turn to value for one moment. If there are thousands of consultants out there in the world sharing strategies (and being paid small fortunes) which aren’t anywhere near as useful as understanding how their reality is being created through thought in the moment, then how much could understanding the Three Principles as a foundation be worth for them? How much could they save long-term as a result?

Conversely, if we already have this knowledge within, then how much should we be charged for reconnecting with something already there?

Now you can perhaps see why the cost of this is anywhere between nothing and tens of thousands.

Here’s the great news though. There are enough Three Principles teachers and coaches in the world now, charging across the board from zero to thousands, that you can pick and choose from and who might suit you best and resonate with you. Test a few out and see who is a good fit for you, or if you even need one.

There are still a number of coaches who knew Syd directly and have such a deep connection with the spiritual nature of the Principles that you may only listen to them once and realise something beyond your thinking or their words.

Then there are people like me, who learned the Principles directly from those who knew Syd (Jack Pransky for instance) and have been able to overcome challenging difficulties as a result. There are many Three Principles teachers who have written books like this one HERE.

We’re all well placed to help others, as I have been able to do, by pointing them towards a permanent truth beyond the form.

Yes, I’m sometimes a bit ‘gung-ho’ in my passion to take the Principles out to a larger audience and my belief that an understanding of this simple truth could change the world, but does the world actually need changing in the first place? If everything is exactly as its meant to be and the power of infinite intelligence (I choose not to call it God - Great Spirit is my preferred term) is working perfectly within all of us, then perhaps not.

But if it’s all working perfectly and nothing needs changing, then I’m also in the perfect place to be thinking that I’d like to… so I’m going to have a crack at it. Why not share this and change the world for the better?

Which is what I do: write about it, blog about it, and share my own experiences about living in this understanding from moment to moment.

I’d like to think that I’m ‘mid-range’ when it comes to pricing my services - not free and not tens of thousands per day, so if you’d like to know more about deepening your own grounding in this incredible gift, book in a 20 minute consultation HERE to find out if we’re a good fit together and I’ll point you in the right direction if we’re not.

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