A Year Long MasterMind program for Entrepreneurs

10x your own thinking power and grow your business, whilst promoting mental health in the UK workplace through Mind, the Mental Health Charity

Are you doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? How many times do you think you’ll try a new strategy before you realise that the answer is not in the next shiny new object? The answer and your solutions lie in a change of mindset.

Change in thought = change in action

Tackle stagnating procrastination, overwhelm and fear once and for all!

You’ve probably heard of mastermind groups before, when a group of successful people get together to work as a master mind. Well, this is a mastermind group in the most real sense of the word. 10x minds working on the thinking required to 10x your business - and we're promoting mental health in UK business at the same time.

"Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself" - Epictetus

The participants for each group will be handpicked to provide a different ‘thinking approach’ to your own obstacles and issues. You will be held accountable to go inside and do the work each month.

Together, we will act like a 10X boost for you and your business.


10 x Minds

10 x Thought Power

10 x Accountability

10 x Experience

10 x Energy

10 x Success

From as little as £249 per month!

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Everything you do in your business starts with a thought.

Unless your thinking is in the right place, your actions will reflect this. 10X MasterMindset will give you the boost to your mental capabilities to tackle the challenges of being an Ambitious and Successful Business Owner.

There is an ‘i’ in TEAM

If you look closely, there it is, hidden in the A. This is somewhat of a prophetic sign because it’s easy to say that you can’t be selfish to make 'it' work. But what I have discovered in my years as a mindset coach in business is that this is precisely WHY it doesn’t work.


I’ve seen so many really clever and capable business owners and entrepreneurs fail in Mastermind groups. Why? Because they didn’t do the INNER work first. They didn’t go to the route of the problem… themselves. They didn’t address the real underlying issues which were sabotaging their business success. They didn’t go inside and deal with the saboteur.

You can have good strategies and models coming out of your ears, but unless you do the work on yourself first, none of these will succeed. Then you’ll feel even worse because you thought it MUST work this time and it still didn’t.

This is where my MasterMindset group differs from all others. BEFORE we go anywhere near strategies, marketing, amplification and all the other shiny stuff (which we will), we will go INSIDE first. Inside is where the engine room is doing all of the work, where all of your thoughts create all of your actions. Where all of the behaviours and values are driving performance.


If you are reading this now and thinking, “He’s right… I do”, then start writing your application below NOW.

Nothing will change until you do the inner work, so take this chance to once and for all MAKE THAT CHANGE HAPPEN.

Tackling Procrastination, Overwhelm, Fear, and Empowering Aligned Action

We will deal with issues such as overwhelm, procrastination, fear of success and failure, maintaining a work/life balance and looking after your Mind, Body and Spirit. Together, we will support and encourage the growth of You and Your business over the coming year and beyond.

And the results won't just be seen in your business either, as having a 10 x boost to your thinking power will affect every area of your life:

"It's tied so many other threads together. My heart is smiling. Thank you, Damian Mark Smyth!" - Hayley S.


Every single, major, breakthrough you’ve ever made in business has come as a result of an idea, a thought, sparked in you by someone or something else. Andrew Carnegie (once the richest man in the world) attributed the largest part of his success and wealth to his consistent inclusion in Mastermind groups and the ideas he received from others.

But unless you are in the right place to start with, you will not be able to HEAR these good ideas or the guidance on offer. Clearing the self-sabotaging and damaging thoughts is the starting place.

10X your business by joining MasterMindset today and DO THE INNER WORK to make your life FLOW.

How will 10X MasterMindset work:

  • 6 x face to face full day meetings per year with 45 minute ‘hotseats’ for everyone (bi-monthly)
  • 6 x online group coaching calls per year (alternate bi-monthly to the face to face)
  • Fortnightly one-to-one check-ins with me via Zoom to make sure the INNER WORK is being done!
  • Progress tracking and accountability using Asana
  • Accountability partner (as well as me!) to make sure it all happens
  • Secret Facebook group for support and encouragement
  • Mind and body ‘hacks’ to upgrade your performance and go inside
  • Full access to my extensive mindset training library
  • Like-minded, ambitious business owners ONLY
  • Full non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality
  • 10% of payments will be donated to Mind, the mental health charity

Being around a group of inspired, focused, reflective and fast growing business owners will rub off on you and you will be inspired and more focused to do the necessary work and achieve greater success as a result.


You will receive:

  • Everything you need to go inside and do the work on yourself
  • Full accountability for your goals
  • Growth and engagement for your business from like-minded business owners
  • Working through the nitty gritty as well as the big picture in person and online
  • People to bounce ideas off: with support, encouragement and understanding
  • Active participant within the group, both online and offline - there will be no shirkers allowed
  • Experienced collaborators to help you maintain momentum and create opportunities
  • The support to create a sustainable business - there will be a qualified accountant in each group to help me scrutinize the figures
  • NOTE: if you are in it solely to make more money, this is not the group for you - we want passionate business owners who CARE about their mission and are prepared to do the work on themselves
  • Incredible value for money - most Mastermind groups cost tens of thousands
  • A full refund if you are not happy with the group

I have been running Mastermind groups on Mindset and Thought and have been helping Entrepreneurs in Business exclusively since 2013.

"A Mind searching for itself can never find itself" - Sydney Banks


The cost to 10X your thinking power:

Payment Option 1

£299 per month
Total: £3,588

Payment Option 2

£825 per quarter
Total: £3,300 - Equivalent to £275 per month

Payment Option 3

£2,988 Up front
Equivalent to £249 per month

The MasterMindset Group will run for a year from October 2017, with reviews every quarter. Your application does not guarantee acceptance. All applications will close when all 9 spaces per group are filled.

Although the focus of the MasterMindset group will be primarily on your thinking, there will also be ample opportunity to explore other important aspects of your business success, such as marketing, social media, business growth and strategy. The aim is to use the other 9 minds in the room as a boost and support to your own thinking.

This is a year long journey together where your business (and you) will grow exponentially (hopefully 10X!).


However, there are some rules which will need to be followed:

  • All technology will be turned OFF for the duration of the meetings
  • There is ‘Full Confidentiality’ - what is said within the MasterMindset Group, stays within the group
  • There are penalties for being late:
    • 1st offence – pay for everyone’s drinks
    • 2nd offence – goes to a vote
    • 3rd offence – you’re out of the group
  • There is a strict attendance policy:
    • 1st offence – nothing; everyone is allowed one miss per 12 months
    • 2nd offence – goes to a vote
    • 3rd offence – you’re out of the group
  • There will be quarterly review planning - If someone is struggling within the group or not getting what they want, this is the opportunity to express it and change it - this is also where we review your goals and progress
  • I reserve the right to bring in outside coaches & mentors with specific skills and experience
  • I will also be arranging other activities outside of the group to strengthen relationships and bonds and make the journey together fun

Where are they happening?


I am running 4 groups around the country:

  • London (South East) - Starts October 24th at The Wine Room at The Ampersand Hotel, South Kensington
  • Bristol (South West)
  • Birmingham (Midlands)
  • Manchester (North)

If you would like a place in one of my MasterMindset groups, then please make your application below:

10X MasterMindset Application Form

"A step to the outside, is a step in the wrong direction" - Sydney Banks

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