6 months to create the business and life you want


Work with me 121, break free of your limitations and create something extraordinary

As a coach and consultant to entrepreneurs and business owners and a specialist in marketing, I can help you to create a business to give your gift to the world and lead the life you want to lead.


If you want to take your business to the next level and beyond, then work with me as we make the necessary adjustments in your mindset and get you performing at your peak.

I will then help you to find your customers and create a product or service which changes their lives and gives you the satisfaction you crave from this one short life.

Everything you do comes down to the state of your mindset and the thinking you act upon as a result. The only difference between you and the most successful entrepreneurs throughout history is the thoughts they have and the thoughts you have. When your thinking changes, your behaviors will change and your world will change as a result. Success is a series of choices made time and time again, compounding together to make your life story. Greatness is not something to be attained in the future, it is achieved in the choices we make in every moment of every day”

Damian Mark Smyth, from The Entrepreneur Success Formula

For six months, I will work 121 with you to create a successful business by shifting your thinking, understand how the inside-out nature of reality works and how you create your world from the inside out.

Everything you do is within your control.

If this is resonating with you, perhaps you've been pointed in this direction already but have not found the right type of support.

Perhaps you have a burning desire to create something extraordinary and need the right guidance and practical help?




I will help you to define and create your project and become who you are meant to be... to tap into your infinite potential and conceive something truly remarkable.

We will work closely together for 6-months as I help you to deepen your grounding and share this with the world through your work.

How we will work together over the 6-months:

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Bi-monthly face to face meeting (if you are overseas, this may be every 3 months - 2 sessions)
  • Daily check-ins (if required)
  • A certain amount of home study will be required
  • We will create whatever you want from a place of infinite potential

“True investigation into the knowledge of life always leads inside one's self and knowledge of one's self is wisdom

Syd Banks

Cost of Greatness


£5,950 upfront for 6 months 121 support, coaching and guidance


(if you want me to create all of the collateral - websites, copy, lead bait etc - this fee will be £9,950)

If you would like to apply for a place on my 6 Month 121 Program, please fill in this form

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