Have you noticed that until you sit down and 'do the work', nothing changes...?

Tap into your infinite Potential

Do you want to work with a business coach 121, who is going to totally transform your thinking?

This is how I will work with you during the 6 months:

I will help you understand your thinking, and the mechanics behind this - how we all create our reality from the inside out - how we are feeling our thinking from moment to moment.

I will show you the power and the potential on offer when you realise how we are all feeling this thinking and nothing else - how we can’t choose our thinking but we do ‘create it’, how, by becoming closer to the source of this thought, we can tune into the infinite possibilities and potential on offer.

And then we will work closely on being totally present to this, and how we are infinite potential the closer we get to our true nature - how anything is possible from this state of being.

We will then work on a project together to bring your passion and purpose to life.


For the next six months, I will be working very closely with 2 more specific clients who want to understand how the 'Inside-Out' nature of reality works and how to CREATE YOUR WORLD from the inside out!

If you are one of these individuals, you know who you are because you're reading this right now and this is resonating with you. Perhaps you've been pointed in this direction already and want to understand more.

Join me. I can help you to see it more clearly and become who you are meant to be... to tap into the infinite potential on offer and create something truly remarkable together.

“As leaders in the increasing understanding of human consciousness and therefore the evolution of our own species, we have been given the opportunity to push the boundaries and look at ways of creating a better existence for those behind us on this journey. We are modern Knights on a quest. Be fearless. Be courageous. Be your destiny. Accept it.”

Damian Mark Smyth


We will work together for 6-months to bring your incredible gifts to the World and I will help connect you to your infinite self by delving into the inside-out understanding, using all of my material from Syd and others to study and deepen your grounding and share this with the world through your work.

That's my gift which I am here to give to you.

How we will work together over the 6-months:

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Bi-monthly face to face meeting (if you are overseas, this may be every 3 months - 2 sessions)
  • Daily check-ins (if required)
  • A certain amount of home study will be required
  • We will create whatever you want to create from a place of infinite potential in 6 months together

I believe that the money is not, and never will be the issue for you as you are already successful in what you do.

But being pointed in the direction of truth is far more valuable right now.

I will guide you for 6 months and show you how your thinking actually works and create something incredible together by tapping into the unlimited source of infinite intelligence.

Cost: £3,750 upfront for 6 months 121 support, coaching and guidance or £750 per month

If you would like to apply for a place on my 6 Month 121 Program, please fill in this form