Rethink Everything Podcast Episode 6: Mark Longbottom Full Video

Full, extended footage of the video interview with Mark Longbottom – episode 6 of Rethink Everything Podcast, including the special Members section at the end

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Communication is everything and some people are better at it than others… some people have even been doing it successfully for decades. Like Mark Longbottom, who on this week’s show, talks about being followed by the KGB in the 80’s, working with Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali’s assistants in the 1960’s, playing with Gene Wilder, dancing for Primal Scream, standing on a box for 8 hours without a break, getting bags of grass sent from people from Alcatraz – and having tens of thousands of social media followers in the process. Mark has some incredible stories to share in this fascinating episode of Rethink Everything which goes way beyond the Principles and will get you rethinking, for sure!