Show up ‘as’ Love…

It’s been a rather mind-blowing few days this week as I discovered my true selfish-self and also gave my(new)self permission to be me in all its intense, gory and foul-mouthed, er… beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still capable of incredible love, compassion and humility, I just don’t want to hide behind any sort of semi-enlightened, chilled-out mask.

I realise I am no saint, but I am also perfect in my imperfection.

Which is also where the real power of my blog posts actually comes from, a love of what I do and who I am at source. And this post is somewhat more reserved and laid back than some of the recent others, as I reflect on how best to serve my clients and how I recommend my clients serve their clients best.

When ‘we’ share the inside out nature of reality, there can often be a feeling of: “What am I actually talking about here?” attached to it, as we attempt to address and assist our clients who have shown up with symptoms such as intense anxiety, substance abuse behaviours, deep depression and a myriad of other thoughts ‘about’ situations which look so incredibly real to them, that they would struggle to hear the words “It’s just your thinking” – in fact, they’d be more likely to punch you in the face and ask for a refund (OK, perhaps that’s just my clients then!).

So how do we help these poor folk to see the ‘illusion’ they are buying into in the moment?


Show up ‘as’ Love.

What the hell does that mean…?

When we attempt to share truth, we have to be reliant on the ability of the person we’re sharing it with, to hear what we’re saying in that moment.

“We’re making up the movie and then living in it” – Dr Bill Pettit

And if they’re showing up with a barrage of realistic looking thought flying around in their heads, there’s little or no room for our words to land.

However, if we show up with nothing on our minds, no preconceptions as to what we ‘need’ to do or say, and nothing but the feeling of love in our heart and mind, this is the space we are opening up for the other person to join us in.

It’s a welcoming place too, rather alluring in fact, especially if they are looking for a sanctuary.

So they feel our compassion, join us in this space of connection, and come with us back to our own true essence.

Because if we show up ‘as’ Love (which is our own true essence and nature), that is what is on offer to anyone who joins us there in the moment.

We show them, by doing nothing but being, what we are, what we truly are at our very core, what we always will be, but for our thinking that we are not.

Or as my own mentor and friend, Dr Jack Pransky puts it: “All we are is peace, love and wisdom, and the power to create the illusion that we’re not”.

That’s the space which will bring them into their own insight, their own wisdom, their own understanding of the illusion, the mirage of thought and their own belief in a holographic representation, built inside of themselves by the power of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

This space will provide the fertile ground for them to remember how to set themselves free, and you don’t have to do anything to make it happen other than show up ‘as’ Love.