What about us…?

Mental health in the workplace is being talked about a lot at the moment. But what about mental health in the kitchen, the bedroom, the garden shed or the van? What about the unusual and often forgotten about ‘workplaces & spaces’ belonging to the self-employed, entrepreneurs, small business owners, those who work alone and even […]

The Real Source of Emotional Intelligence

A lot of companies are looking at Emotional Intelligence or EQ (meaning Emotional Quotient), as a yardstick for employability and career success, but there is a real misunderstanding about this much quoted ‘skill’ and how you can develop it. Emotional intelligence according to Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/basics/emotional-intelligence is ‘the ability to identify and manage your own […]

What has to change to make the change?

It’s World Mental Health Day and the stigma of a widespread and growing issue in the work environment still requires attention to bring such a huge drain on business to the fore. It wasn’t that long ago when the first adverts around mental health in business were aired, and the response was overwhelming. Many people […]