If you haven’t seen the Matix, then do so. Don’t bother about the sequels, they’re rubbish but part one is amazing. The main character, Keanu Reeves gets introduced to the reality of his life, in that he is living in a dream engineered by Aliens so they can farm humans for food. OK, sounds a bit naff I know, but it’s not. The Aliens will stop at nothing to prevent Neo (Keanu Reeves) from unveiling the truth to all humanity. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post, this is:

If you see that your thinking is an illusion by spotting the Glitch in the System, then you have your passport to freedom. Let me explain.

We live in a world of thought created by us, on the inside. When I say, created by us, I mean we are producing the thought, even though the power of thought comes to us from another, unexplained source. Some call it God, I call it Universal Intelligence, Syd Banks called it Universal Mind. Whatever you call it, it’s powering the system and gives us thinking from the day we are born until the day we die.

The system works as follows: We’re alive, we think, we feel those thoughts and that gives us an experience of life in that moment. Whatever we think, that’s what we feel and that’s what we experience. That’s the system which Syd Banks pointed us to and the foundation of the Three Principles which is helping thousands of people across the globe right now.

So what is the Glitch?

The Glitch, therefore, is available to us when we see that our thinking ‘about’ anything can change from moment to moment. For instance: we have a thought about money, we feel sick. Hours later, we have another thought about money and feel hopeful. Nothing about money has changed – our thinking changes. That’s the Glitch, right there. That’s the cat walking across the doorway (see video link above) giving us a clue that there is something suspicious going on.

Because we live in a world of thought, but this is all made up from inside of us and it just looks like we are experiencing the world ‘out there’. We can’t. We cannot feel the world, we can only feel our thinking and this is linked to the world out there only after the fact. We attach the thought ‘about’ the world after it has already happened, as Ruper Spira explains beautifully here:

‘The Clown that takes the bow’ is a wonderful expression of the thoughts that we assign meaning to, after the fact. It’s part of the illusion that we see on a daily basis but don’t know or understand it as part of the system of thought and thinking until we get shown the mechanics. Which is why the Three Principles are so useful, as they are a very simple and understandable description of this system which is happening regardless of whether we see it or not.

When we wake up to the illusion, via whatever means necessary, perhaps by seeing a Glitch in the system, our minds naturally settle and we stop putting so much attention and focus on the ‘reality of the situation’ which was never real in the first place.

We have our passport to freedom, as there is nothing to change or alter.

We don’t have to believe our thinking (illusion) and ‘do’ anything with it. We don’t need to do anything other than ‘be’ with the feeling in the moment and wait for it to shift naturally. Letting the system do its thing, but without the belief in something which never existed in the first place. I hope you notice your own Glitches in the system and wake up to your own truth.

With love, Damian x

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