The Three Principles in Business

If you already know what the Three Principles are, you may well be reading this to find out how to apply your understanding to/in business. If you’ve never heard of the Principles before though, here is a brief summary:

At the most basic level, they are a description of how every human being on this planet has an experience of the world. We are alive, we think, we feel that thinking. At a deeper level, they point to what is available to us all, through the infinite potential of the Universe, in the form of insight, wisdom and a fresh perspective.

This understanding is being picked up by forward-thinking businesses across the Globe to address everyday issues in a different way. Unsolvable problems have solutions, when and if we see them in a different way. Confidence and resilience are part of the human operating system, installed as standard. We don’t have to go anywhere, do anything or learn anything new to get them. The Principles point to what we ‘are’, already within, not what we are without. They are ‘symptoms’ of a mind, in balance.

There is no doing to get there. No mindfulness… no meditation… not another thing to do to find the time for in an already crazy schedule. Just a knowing that new thinking is available at all times and perfect mental well being and balance are ever-present, even in the most difficult and challenging times.

Although the originator of the Three Principles (a Scottish welder by the name of Sydney Banks) died in 2009, his insights live on through the thousands of psychologists and mental health professionals he influenced before his passing. Some of them have taken this life-changing understanding into Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies where the effects have been resounding. Insight Principles in the US, solve ‘unsolvable problems’ in large corporates. Pransky and Associates have been sharing the Principles in business for decades:

“It’s as if someone came along and gifted me 3 hours every day” — Contracts Supervisor, BAE Systems

As practitioners of the Principles, we point you back to your own health, your own wisdom, your own insights and your own solutions. It’s like teaching you how to fish, instead of giving you fish.

To find out more about how the Three Principles can help your leadership team and your sales teams, please email


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