How to Think with Clarity & Focus

In-depth online training for internal groups to improve mindset and performance throughout your business

The course is divided up into 12 weekly Modules

Throughout this course, we will be applying an understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm to 'practical', everyday usage in your business.

We will be investigating how to apply this in your current role as an employee, and in all aspects of your own life.

We will also be looking at the ripple effect of taking your own deeper grounding and helping others through your understanding of how the Human Operating System works.

Week 1


What are the Three Principles behind the Inside-Out Single Paradigm, where and how did they originate? - An up-to-date chronology to level the playing field for all participants.

Week 2

Building Blocks:

Understanding Universal Mind, discovering ‘Insight’.

Week 3

Building Blocks:

Understanding Levels of Consciousness, the definer of behaviour.

Week 4

Building Blocks:

Understanding Thought, the Missing Link.

Week 5

Building Blocks:

Inside Out versus Outside In, where is reality actually coming from?

Week 6

Building Blocks:

Insight and Wisdom - How to tap into effortless problem solving and decision making.

Week 7

Building Blocks:

Listening, Silence & when to 'Do Nothing' - your connection with a quiet mind.

Week 8

Building Blocks:

State of Mind and Levels of Consciousness.

Week 9


Separate Realities - understanding conflict.

Week 10


Psychological Freedom, less stress, more joy.

Week 11


The Resilience of the System within.

Week 12


What next? Objections and perceived exceptions. How to share the Inside-Out Single Paradigm super-effectively in every area of business.

£495 per person per month (minimum of 4 people per program)

If you would like a Sharing the Inside-Out Single Paradigm program for your business, please fill in the form below

“I’ve already been using what I’ve learned on a day to day basis and I’ve started to see significant changes in my mindset which significantly impacts my personal relationships and the choices I make in life in positive ways”

Crystal Chojna
Crystal Chojna State of Mind Coach
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