What are the Three Principles anyway?

I always begin the answer to this question with the suggestion that you look at the original works of Syd Banks and go directly to the source. Find out why HERE.

Why are the Three Principles different to other ‘approaches’?

It’s often commented that the Three Principles sound like Buddhism or Mindfulness or some other approach to life. But the Principles are not an approach, a methodology, a religion, a technique or indeed any other type of concept or an applicable way to live your life. Find out why HERE.

What is the ‘health and grounding of the helper’ and is it essential to be an effective Three Principles Coach?

If you look at the document produced by the Three Principles community on sharing the Principles with others, it states ‘the most valuable quality that practitioners bring to the table is grounding, which is the extent to which that person reflects and demonstrates the quality of life that clients desire’. Find out more HERE

Who are the best ‘Teachers’ of the Three Principles Globally?

If you would like a steer to where to get the best training and advice from a Three Principles practitioner across the Globe, there is more choice than ever before. However, there are a few names who stand out head and shoulders above the rest, find out who they are HERE.

How much does it cost to ‘learn’ the Three Principles?

Between £0 and £Thousands per hour/day. Find out why HERE.

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