What about us…?

Mental health in the workplace is being talked about a lot at the moment. But what about mental health in the kitchen, the bedroom, the garden shed or the van? What about the unusual and often forgotten about ‘workplaces & spaces’ belonging to the self-employed, entrepreneurs, small business owners, those who work alone and even those who aren’t even considered as ‘workers’ by society and who very much work alone… like Mums (whose ‘clients’ are immature, complaining, out of control and never, ever say thank you!).

With 47% of current employment significantly changing or disappearing altogether in the next 25 years (source: Oxford University) due to technological advances such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), there is going to be a significant increase in self-employment and ‘work at home’ businesses.

Who will send out the internal memo to make sure that mental health is acknowledged and addressed? The dog…?! The parrot…?! The poor soul going through the internal mental turmoil themselves? No. There will be no one there to help. This needs to change, now. Which is why I have set up One Mind Support, a free resource for Entrepreneurs, small business owners, the self-employed and anyone else who works alone (Mums most definitely included). It’s like a social media helpline, a sort of Samaritans for home workers. A preventative measure, rather than a fix.

Because working alone can be really tough sometimes. The sort of issues you will have to face include dealing with risk, boredom, overwhelm, cash flow problems, loneliness, thankless clients, and even, at the extreme end, depression and thoughts of suicide (suicide rates in the UK in 2017 increased by 4% – source: Samaritans).

When there is no one there to listen, it can seem like a very, very lonely place to be. I should know, as I’ve been there myself. Staring at four walls, wondering what the hell to do next, desperate for some help and nowhere and no one to turn to, going crazy with worry and stress.

By providing a free social resource which shares information on how to deal with mental health issues, One Mind aims to be a central preventative hub and somewhere where you can feel listened to at any time of the day and night.

If you or anyone you know works alone, or perhaps even runs a company and ‘feels alone’ (as not everyone gets being an entrepreneur), then please forward this link onto them and ask them to like the page, which will let them know about any posts and updates.

Also, If you would like to contribute to the page in any way, please message me: Ears are useful. You have two. Lend one. Thanks for listening, reading and sharing.