What is the ‘health and grounding of the helper’ and is it essential to be an effective Three Principles Coach?

If you look at the document produced by the Three Principles community on sharing the Principles with others, it states ‘the most valuable quality that practitioners bring to the table is grounding, which is the extent to which that person reflects and demonstrates the quality of life that clients desire’.

I have a slight problem with this, in that I see the Principles as a description of how life works and nothing more. I’ve also been in a crazy bad place and still been able to shift the thinking of a client to the point where their life changed dramatically as a result.

How on earth did I manage to do this when I was in my own hell just prior to connecting with them? If they reflected where I was in that moment, they would have run a mile and it certainly wouldn’t have helped them. What happened to make such a shift happen for them from my own place of hell?

Simple. I released all personal thought and dropped into a space of deep love.

In which case, could this be the ‘grounding’ which they are referring to? I think it might be. In fact, when I help others to share the Principles, I start with this premise: The Three Principles are a description of how we all see reality from the inside out. They are not prescriptive in any way. Knowing how all humans create their own reality inside of themselves is useful because knowing this changes the way we could ‘see’ life in any moment. There are three facts and after that, everything is up for grabs. We’re alive via some intelligent energy source, we think and we are aware of those thoughts. So….

“What’s love got to do with it?”- Tina Turner

Actually, quite a lot. Love is the grounding. Love is the connection. Love shows the possibilities. Love is the infinite, creative potential. Love is everything. And when I start from that place, anything is possible.

But here’s the crucial thing. I don’t have to ‘get there’. I am there already. It is who I am at my essence, at my core. It is who we all are and I am only reflecting this potential back to my client and helping them get there too.

What’s this got to do with the Three Principles? Syd kept on saying it over and over again:

"If you're listening to this in your car and you find yourself in a beautiful feeling, roll down your window, pop the tape out of the tape player, and throw it out the window. Stay with the feeling, and it will teach you everything you need to know.”

Beyond our personal thinking lies this potential and our own ability to drop beyond personal thought appears to me to be the requirement for effective Three Principles coaching. I learned my own deep listening from Dr Jack Pransky. Or as he says in training workshops: “These are essentially deep listening classes”.

Deep listening connects us to wisdom beyond our own minds. Deep listening connects us to our clients. Deep listening connects us to the Universe. Deep listening connects us back to love.

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