Why are the Three Principles different to other ‘approaches’?

It’s often commented that the Three Principles sound like Buddhism or Mindfulness or some other approach to life. But the Principles are not an approach, a methodology, a religion, a technique or indeed any other type of concept or an applicable way to live your life.

They are a description of something which is happening regardless of whether we see it or even believe it. And as such, we can’t ‘use them’, ‘apply them’ or even ‘live them’... they are living us.

We are alive, we think, we experience life... that’s the process.

But what is ‘doing’ this process is where we need to direct our attention. This is happening every second we’re alive, from the day we are born until the day we die and will continue to happen long after we are gone from this mortal coil.

Even when all humans are extinct, the energy behind life will still be here. The power of thought will still be here and the power of consciousness will still be here, ready for the next chapter.

How do we know this? Think about it. Gravity and Mathematics are principles of nature and have existed and will exist long after humans stop being around to make use of them. So too with the energy behind life, the power of thought and the power of consciousness.

They are pre-existing spiritual (formless) facts and Syd Banks ‘saw them’ as being useful for humans to understand the human experience and make sense of the world from a different space, one of connection, love, humility and understanding.

“It’s not what you think, but the fact that you think”.

“Look not at what’s been created but what’s doing the creating”.

Can you see now why the Principles are not like the temporary human creations of Buddhism and Mindfulness? They are permanent and unchanging. They are beyond the form. They point in the direction of something far bigger than human creation in the moment.

They are unchanging and unchangeable and we have a Scottish welder (of all people) to thank for showing us their beauty.

Pretty cool heh?