What would you do?

If one of your team has a mental health issue like stress, anxiety, depression or even dealing with a bereavement?

How to set up a Workplace Mental Health Policy

What's the damage?

Right now, in your own organisation, anywhere between 15-20% of the workforce will be suffering from a Mental Health problem such as anxiety, depression, stress or substance abuse.

What is it?

Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices.

Why does it matter?

People that feel good about themselves often work productively, interact well with colleagues and make a valuable contribution to the workplace.

What are some of the causes?

Workload (both excessive and insufficient work); lack of participation and control in the workplace; monotonous or unpleasant tasks; role ambiguity or conflict; lack of recognition... And more.

What can we do...?

Addressing Mental Health problems at the workplace begins with the development of a Workplace Mental Health Policy which helps to define the vision for improving the Mental Health of the workforce and to establish a model for action.

Are there Legal Implications?

The term Mental Health itself is not a legal definition but the need to take more proactive steps to invest in addressing and improving Mental Health and the benefits of doing so, are being recognised more by society and the court system.


The development and implementation of a workplace Mental Health Policy and programme will benefit the health of employees, increase productivity for the company and will contribute to the well being of the community at large

World Health Organisation

Implementing A Workplace Mental Health Policy

Addressing Mental Health problems at the workplace begins with the development of a Workplace Mental Health Policy

Step One

Analysing the Mental Health issues: A Workplace Mental Health Policy needs to be based on a comprehensive understanding of the issues...

Step Two

Developing the Policy: Understanding the potential cost impact to your business of failing to prevent Mental Health issues will support the development of a Workplace Mental Health Policy...

Step Three

Developing strategies to implement the Policy: Once the framework for a Workplace Mental Health Policy has been developed, strategies are needed to implement it...

Step Four

Implementing and evaluating the Policy: Generating support and collaboration / Coordinating implementation / Training / Establishing a demonstration project...

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What we do

Rethinking Business is at the forefront of Prevention in Mental Health with both Damian Mark Smyth (TEDx speaker and best-selling author) and Megan Taylor (Clinical Psychologist) practising in Innate Wellness, an approach being effectively applied in all fields of personal and community psychology across the World from children to adults, business and sports performance to Mental Health, with profound and lasting impact.

Understanding the nature of the human experience and how the role of thought is integral in everything we do has allowed people to improve their lives immeasurably. Damian and Megan are passionate about empowering others to free themselves from stress and suffering and to live the lives they deserve; full of health, happiness, connection and purpose.

The cost implications are immense

“If we don’t act urgently, by 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally”

World Health Organisation

“Better Mental Health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year”

Mental Health Foundation