You don’t have to face your demons alone

Do you often wonder what is happening when you copy someone else’s plans and strategies and they don’t work out in your favour? It’s then easy to go into self-depreciation and think that we’re just ‘idiots’ or didn’t execute the plan properly. But have you ever thought that it was nothing to do with the plan itself and everything to do with WHO YOU ARE and what you haven’t seen yet?

My own life has taken some unexpected (although in hindsight, they are not at all unexpected) turns recently. It’s the Universe’s way of telling me that I haven’t seen the message yet. My own message is very simple:

Go inside and do the work.

I’ve often held back from doing this. I say often, I mean ‘since I’ve been alive’… so forever in my world. Why did I not want to go in and address ‘the demons’, especially when I talk to others about thought and thinking and how it all works.

Firstly, let me get something clear. What I tell people about the Human Dimension is descriptive, not prescriptive. It’s also the most advanced, yet simple way I’ve come across to describe how our reality is being created (from the inside, out). It doesn’t tell you what to ‘do’ in any way. Which is why my first book (Do Nothing!) was about waiting and listening to see what you need to do next, rather than act from a place of fear or re-action.

Move forward 6 years and I re-read this book again recently. Like so many books which contain wisdom, it resonated and perhaps was even instrumental as the catalyst of these life events which are teaching me so much right now. I stopped and was forced to really listen to myself – where all of the answers lie, and where all of the demons reside too.

What are demons?

What is the ‘dark side’? It’s playing out right now in the immense changes we are seeing across the world. War, abuse, anger, violence are all dark side reflections. Being angry and uncontrolled is a personal demon (see my poem here on surfing the breaking point). Wanting to take out your pain by getting drunk, having sex and regaining power and (seeming) control, is a reflection of the dark side. But sitting with this pain and really feeling it rather than blocking it out via drugs or mindless activities, starts the process to face and harness these essential demons.

There is such immense power in this energy, yet we fear it, try to block it out or worse, act it out and cause pain to others. The work within is a reflection of your world outside. Unless you deal with the inner world first, nothing you see in the outer world will feel aligned.