Empowering Thoughts in UK Business

By promoting mental health in the workplace for Entrepreneurs, The Self-Employed and Anyone who Works Alone


We live in a world of thought

We create our world through our thinking

Understand how thought works

And tap into the infinite potential on offer

When we get out of our own way

At Rethinking Business, we will show you how to...

Understand how thought works >

To succeed in business, and indeed any area of life, understanding how something actually works, really helps. As someone who specialises in coaching and training business owners and leaders, I show you how to achieve much more than you ever thought possible by understanding how your thinking actually works so you can do more, with less.

Perform Better >

Why Rethinking Business...?

Absolutely everything starts with a thought

Highly Effective

With a proven track record in helping business owners, athletes and even people with PTSD, depression and drug and alcohol problems, my coaching, training and workshops are highly effective

New Paradigm

There is a new paradigm in understanding how thought works which is helping hundreds of thousands break through to new possibilities

You're closer than you think

No matter where you are in life, having insights to take on whatever life throws at you is really helpful. I will help you access the most powerful force in the Universe which lies within you

Some of my Books

Available on Amazon and at all good book stores

How to be Stress Free in 24 Hours

This short ebook will take you through the process of understanding how your thinking actually works, and what else is available to you when you see this

The Entrepreneur Success Formula

If you want to know how thriving business owners actually do it, then read this book which explains what's worked for them using their own wisdom and insight

Do Nothing! Stop Looking, Start Living

We often trust our thinking at the worst of times - in the middle of an argument with a loved one or in reactive response. This book explains the process which allows freedom from this often destructive thinking

The World Peace Equation

There is a simple human psychological formula which can save humanity from itself before we implode into civil wars and unrest. This new book is due out in summer 2017

What do my Clients think...?

Thank you so much for yesterday's course, it has kept me awake most of last night and I know it will be truly life changing. The course has been a massive wake-up call for me, my change of mindset will have a huge effect on me and on those around me, my family, my friends and my employees."

Phil Coleman
Phil Coleman Owner Barlow's Blinds

"Your course was so profound, so deep... I can’t really start to describe it.... I don't know where to start. I am walking around in a daze, smiling. It's like I have awoken from a deep slumber. I understand the mess of thoughts in my head and the relentless internal chatter. I am not learning to let it go... I have let it go. Penny dropped. Look what you've done to me Damian. Can't wait for the next minute to come, let alone the next couple of years!"

Robert Dodd
Robert Dodd Owner Windsor & Rose Estates
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